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Summer is approaching with big steps! It’s a good time to put on your sneakers (or your bathing suit) and get back into exercise in Lyon. Discover 5 ideas for physical activities accessible to everyone to practice with friends or family in the capital of Gaul.

1. Learn about water sports

Water sports are a great way to gently get back into the sport.

There are many swimming pools in Lyon. It is possible to practice sports such as swimming, water aerobics or even aquabike.

These sporting activities have the advantage that they are easy on the joints. Unlike running, for example, swimming allows you to strengthen your muscles without hurting your knees or ankles.

Four swimming pools are open all year round in the metropolis of Lyon:

  1. the Rhône swimming pool (Tony Bertrand nautical center) in the 7th arrondissement of Lyon;
  2. the Vaise swimming pool in the 9th arrondissement of Lyon;
  3. the intercommunal nautical center of Lyon, Saint-Fons, Vénissieux in Vénissieux;
  4. the aquatic park Aquavert in Francheville.

The Benjamin Delessert (Lyon 7), Charial (Lyon 3) and Garibaldi (Lyon 3) swimming pools are only open in winter. In summer, go swimming at the Gerland (Lyon 7), Duchère (Lyon 9) or Jean Mermoz (Lyon 8) swimming pools.

On the Lyon swimming pools and ice rink website you can buy a ticket online with 10 entries for only 25 euros.

You can also register with one of the many sports clubs in the city for supervised training.

2. Learn the basics of martial arts

Martial arts practice is also ideal for getting back in shape.

Whether it’s judo, karate, ju-jitsu, English boxing, Krav-Maga, or MMA (mixed martial arts), these activities allow you to work on your cardio, gain strength, and eliminate calories.

On a mental level, it also helps develop self-confidence.

If you want to start martial arts in the Lyon metropolitan area, be aware that many clubs offer classes suitable for all levels. This is the case, for example, with Rhône Club (3rd arrondissement), One Fight (9th arrondissement), IKC Lyon (2nd arrondissement) or KSO Lyon (7th arrondissement).

If you don’t dare step through the door of a martial arts gym, you can also consult a specialized home sports trainer. A personal trainer accompanies you individually so that you can discover different practices.

3. Join a gym in Lyon

Entering a weight room or gym is often the first instinct of those looking to resume physical activity.

Accessible at any time of the day, these rooms come in handy when your schedule is busy. You can lift weights to build muscle, do cardio to work up a sweat, and even join group classes if you’re having trouble motivating yourself.

Finding a gym in Lyon is pretty easy. Fitness areas are available throughout the city:

  • Basic-Fit, rue Marietton in the 9th arrondissement;
  • Basic-Fit, Avenue Jean Jaurès in the 7th arrondissement, very close to the Gerland Stadium (Matmut Stadium);
  • Keepcool, rue Masaryk in the 9th arrondissement;
  • Neoness, rue d’Inkermann in the 6th arrondissement;
  • Fitness Park, Part-Dieu Tower in the 3rd arrondissement;
  • Wellness Sport Club, Cours Gambetta in the 7th arrondissement;
  • Vo2Max, Avenue Leclerc in the 7th arrondissement;
  • Interval, Cours Gambetta in the 3rd arrondissement.

4. Hire an athletic trainer at home

If you are not a fan of gyms and do not know where to start, do not hesitate to use the services of a sports trainer at home.

He can provide you with a customized training program that suits your physical ability, goals and schedule. Your personal trainer from Lyon will then be by your side during each of your sessions to correct your posture and adjust the difficulty of your workouts to your progress and your condition of the day. He will also be there to encourage you to keep you motivated until you reach the goals you have set for yourself.

As the name suggests, the whole point of using an exercise bike is that it comes to your home in Lyon and the Lyon area. You will no longer waste time on transportation to get to your fitness class. The icing on the cake: 50% of the costs for the sports units carried out at your home are tax-deductible if your sports coach is declared as a personal service. So a session at 50 euros will cost you 25 euros after deduction or tax credit.

5. Start running or Nordic walking

The least we can say is that there are many places to run in Lyon.

Between the quays of the Saône, the banks of the Rhône, the 117-hectare Tête d’Or park, the Parilly park or the Gerland park, lovers of large spaces will find everything they want. The routes are varied and are suitable for both experienced runners and Sunday joggers.

And why not make it your goal to compete in a race? Every year at the beginning of October, Run In Lyon offers thousands of runners 3 routes that cross the different neighborhoods of downtown Lyon (10 kilometers, half marathon and marathon).

If your physical condition does not allow you to run, let yourself be seduced by Nordic walking or hiking.

These very popular activities can also be practiced in the various green areas of the Rhône Prefecture.

6. Discover racket sports

What’s better than racquet sports to improve your cardio?

Unknown to the general public, squash and badminton are nevertheless ideal sports for burning calories. They require endurance and explosiveness and engage different muscle groups in your body.

Sports clubs such as the Tennis Club de Lyon or the Squash Club de Lyon offer you the opportunity to play squash in a friendly atmosphere. To train freely, you can also reserve a place in sports complexes such as UrbanSoccer Lyon Barolles or We Are Sports Vénissieux.

There is also no lack of opportunities to practice badminton. For example, Badminton Club Lyon (BACLY) is one of the largest badminton clubs in France. Near Lyon, the Badminton Club Oullins, Badminton Évasion Bron, Badminton Club Villeurbannais or Badminton Vénissieux Southeast also welcome you to share their passion.

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