Everything you need to know about MEC scholarships

MEC scholarships

The so-called MEC Scholarships – granted by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports – represent an important aid for a good part of the country’s students. If you want to know how these scholarships, the best known and most demanded by the student body, can help you, take note of the following information.

Whether you are doing university studies, or non-university higher education (Baccalaureate, intermediate and higher level Vocational Training, professional artistic education, sports education, higher artistic education, higher religious or military studies or language studies carried out in official schools of publicly owned), the MEC scholarships offer you different aids, which will vary depending on your economic and academic situation, in accordance with the requirements established in the bases of each call. In any case, you will find some grants of a fixed amount and others of a variable amount.

tuition scholarships
Fixed amount according to your income
Fixed amount for change of residence
basic scholarship
Masters studies
tuition scholarships
You can only access it if you are studying a university education and it includes the payment of the amount of the credits for which you have enrolled for the first time (those that are formalized for second and subsequent enrollments are not included, nor are those that exceed the minimum necessary for obtain the degree you are studying). If you study at a private university, you can also benefit from this MEC scholarship, being able to obtain a grant that will be equal to the minimum price established by the autonomous community in which you are studying for a similar degree at a public university in the area.

To be eligible for this scholarship, your family income must not exceed the amounts set for threshold 3 in article 17 of the call . Likewise, it is necessary that you meet a series of academic requirements. If the aid is for the first university year and you access from the Baccalaureate, you will have to have a minimum average grade of 5.5. To be eligible for the tuition scholarship if you are a second-year or subsequent student, you must have passed 90% of the registered credits in the event that your studies are in Social and Legal Sciences or Arts and Humanities, 80% in the if you study Health Sciences and 65% in Sciences, Engineering or Architecture/technical studies.

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