How to apply for a Sicue Seneca scholarship?

The application for Sicue mobility must be submitted to the home university, following the procedure established by it. If none has been established, interested students can download the Mobility_A_Request_Form on the CRUE website, fill it in (with personal and academic data and the destination university preferences) and present it at the mobility office of their university. Afterwards, an evaluation commission will review that the candidate meets the requirements to participate in the Sicue program.(minimum number of credits passed and enrolled), and will classify it based on its average grade. The available places will be distributed in order of score and no more places can be awarded than those agreed in the bilateral agreements between universities.

In the event that the application to participate in the Sicue Séneca program is accepted, the student will have to formalize an academic agreement in which he will specify the subjects that he will study during the exchange . This form will have to be signed by both the student and the program coordinators at the centers of origin and destination.

In short, there are many reasons for going to study abroad for a course : complete your education, discover new learning methods in a faculty different from yours, live away from home and visit new places, make new friends… Whatever yours. , the Sicue Séneca is a program to take into account.