Requirements to apply for MEC scholarships

MEC scholarships

The overall requirements to get entry to the scholarships of the Ministry are:

Being Spanish or being a country wide of a Member state of the eu Union (in this example, having permanent residence inside the u . S . Or proving to be self-employed or hired).
Not owning , at the time of making use of for the scholarship, a identify of equal or better degree than that of the research for which the aid is asked.
Meet the relaxation of the precise academic and financial requirements of each call.
Widely speakme, with reference to the academic necessities to get entry to non-university scholarships, it will be important not to be repeating the cutting-edge path, to have obtained an average grade of five points in the preceding direction, or to sign up within the complete course.

Meanwhile, for university scholarships , for first-yr students it is going to be a demand to sign up in the variety of credits set up in the call and to have acquired an get entry to grade of at least five factors (to qualify for the enrollment scholarship). For college students of other publications, it is required to have approved a certain percent of credit in the preceding route, which tiers from sixty five% in technical or technology education, eighty% for research in health sciences, and ninety% in social sciences. , prison and humanities and humanities.

Regarding the monetary necessities , the income obtained by the family unit in the previous fiscal yr is taken into account , and deductions are applied in positive situations, together with for massive households or applicants with a incapacity. The Ministry of education and Vocational education establishes income limits right here , that are those that will determine which components of the scholarship (of the 5 formerly noted) can be obtained . As an example:

If the income is below the threshold 1 , the pupil could be entitled to get hold of the lessons scholarship (which is compensated at once to the university), a hard and fast quantity linked to house (if there may be a alternate of house in the course of the route), a hard and fast quantity linked to earnings, variable amount and glued amount connected to excellence in instructional performance (a mean grade of eight or greater).
If the profits is underneath the threshold 2 , you may obtain the lessons scholarship (compensated to the college), constant amount connected to residence (if you need to exchange your residence in the course of the course), variable amount and fixed amount connected to excellence in academic performance (a median grade of eight or greater).
If the earnings is underneath threshold 3, you’ll be entitled to a training scholarship (to be able to be compensated via the college) and the fixed quantity connected to excellence in educational performance (a median grade of 8 or more).
To present you an concept, for a family unit of 4 individuals, those thresholds have been, within the last call from the Ministry, from thirteen,909 to 21,054 euros for threshold 1, 36,421 euros for threshold 2, and 38,831 euros for threshold three.

For some studies, the scholarship may have boundaries, this is, you will not receive all the sorts of amounts supplied. This takes place, as an instance, within the case of partial enrollment, in non-touch studies, in complementary schooling, in final degree tasks or in university get entry to courses for human beings over 25 years of age.

And in some instances, along with in case you reside inside the Balearic Islands, the Canary Islands, Ceuta or Melilla , or have a incapacity of extra than sixty five%, the monetary endowment of the scholarship can be better.

Other necessities
MEC scholarships also ponder specific situations which are out of the ordinary, which include the scholar dwelling independently. In this example, the student must prove that she has sufficient financial manner of her personal.

If you are inquisitive about making use of for an MEC scholarship, once you have got checked which you meet the essential necessities whilst the decision is published, you need to check in on the digital headquarters of the Ministry of education and fill out the utility form , presenting the specified documentation in every case. In case you are offered the scholarship, keep in mind that you have to allocate the cash to the reason for which it became offered, for the reason that if you do now not comply (as inside the case that you abandon your studies or do no longer bypass as a minimum 50% of the subjects enrolled) you’ll need to return the quantity of your scholarship. To test the popularity of the scholarship, you could enter the digital office, inside the phase “my tactics” where the status of processing might be updated. Additionally consider to test the “notifications” phase when you have received any data necessities.

Keep in mind that you may entire your MEC scholarship with the Santander Languages ​​English Up British Council Scholarship . Test the necessary necessities and if you are interested check the alternative Santander scholarships to expand all of your skills.

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