Why are study schemes important and beneficial?

A scheme is a graphical representation of a given subject that includes synthesized information and presented in a structured and organized manner. As it is a very visual resource, it is much easier to fix the knowledge it collects in memory, thus improving retention capacity.

Making outlines makes it less difficult to examine and, specially, overview. A well-done scheme allows us to remember the concepts to which it refers much more easily.

They help you understand the content to study
To make an outline about something you will have to read the content on which you are going to work several times. By dedicating more time to the text and going back to it, you will be able to make a mental representation of what it means, in order to be able to capture the key ideas, correctly organized. All of that will improve understanding. It is important to understand the meaning of all the words that appear in the text, the bet

save study time
The key is in the synthesis. By way of outlining content material you are saving time whilst analyzing, it’s miles a whole lot more efficient and faster. The extent of information is reduced and it will become a visible representation of the standards, something that the brain assimilates a whole lot better. Schemes desire reasoning and combine ideas in a greater simplified manner.

Improve your study pace
The prioritization of ideas allows a much clearer vision of the content , avoiding wasting time memorizing irrelevant issues. Being able to see those ideas interrelated with each other will help you digest the subject much more easily than if you just simply memorize the information. By selecting the key concepts of a topic it is much easier to remember them.

Too much time is invested in memorization and it is more difficult to identify what is essential. In addition, we forget what we have memorized before what we have learned.

They favor graphic memory, your great ally in front of the exam
If you get used to studying using diagrams, you will develop the capacity of your visual memory . In the schemes you will be representing graphically and in an organized way the content that you must study. When reviewing for the exam, with a simple glance you already have the most important ideas before you.

Key points to make a good scheme
A good scheme is not limited to summarizing content, it goes further. It must offer at first sight an exact distribution of concepts, from the most generic to the most concrete, from the main ideas to the secondary ones. It requires a methodology that you have to work on.

underline the contents
Any scheme begins with a good comprehensive reading of the text , identifying concepts and ideas and resorting to underlining. It is advisable to use different colors but always following the same order, defining which color we will use to underline a main idea, a figure, a concept to highlight… You can also accompany the underlining with notes in the margin. The biggest mistake that we usually make in this step is to underline too much, you should keep in mind that it is about identifying the key issues.

Sort and rank the main ideas
While reading the text you are working on, have a pencil and paper handy. It is essential to write down the most important ideas of the topic. You must list them in order of importance. Don’t just copy literally, make an effort to understand and use your own words.

Identify which ideas are primary and which are derivative
Once the key ideas have been identified, you must write down those others that derive from them. Basically that is a scheme, the representation of a map of interrelated ideas. In this hierarchy of ideas you can help yourself with different graphic resources, such as upper and lower case letters, sizes and types of fonts, colors, arrows, boxes…

Design the outline and review it aloud
Once the format is chosen, distribute the content adapting to it. Then you should review it to check if there are any errors, if any important data has been left out or if there is any other excess. Do this review out loud, it is much more effective, you will be studying, processing that information. Each time you return to it, in each revision during the study you will be able to add some improvement.

Types of schemes to study
There are different types of schemes, knowing them will allow you to choose the one that best suits your way of studying or the subject you are studying. You can always use the same one or change it so that learning does not become so monotonous.

Comparison Table Scheme
A comparison table is divided into columns and rows . The columns show the data to be compared; in the rows, the issues to take into account in that comparison. There can be as many columns and rows as needed.ly useful model when it comes to establishing the similarities and differences between the elements that are compared, allowing them to be quickly identified.

Graphic scheme: perfect for ordering ideas
The picture scheme is the choice that first-rate fits if the objective is to expose the records in a based way . In its elaboration you could provide free rein to your creativity, it is the representation from different forms or figures of the content that you need to look at. You may select between:
Triangular form used to set up hierarchies
Linear shape if you are going to work with facts that need to be ordered chronologically
Round form for repeating tactics
Concentric circles if you speak about ideas which can be a part of others.
The final result will will let you memorize the records that looks quick.

Idea map: how to do it to reserve sequences
The concept map has the identical characteristic because the scheme but its shape varies. The illustration isn’t always linear, but inside the shape of a community. It’s miles a diagram in which the ideas seem in nodes, the maximum essential one is positioned above the entirety, within the middle and from there a hierarchical structure unfolds that permits us to peer the connection among all those nodes. Its use is usually recommended in complicated topics.

Vertical scheme: the maximum traditional scheme
Likely the vertical scheme is the least complicated to do and it does not lose effectiveness for that. Its ramifications observe the same order as the writing , from left to proper and from pinnacle to backside, so it isn’t essential to calculate how a lot space it’ll occupy, truly leaves are delivered.

Horizontal scheme: greater visible clarity
It is very just like the vertical one however in this case the ramifications enlarge downwards. The main distinction is that the records is prepared in columns and that does not allow lengthy sentences or reside on information, it calls for most synthesis.

The great equipment to make diagrams to study
Although it is first-rate to begin making diagrams on paper to benefit talent, the fact is that the bring about virtual format is an awful lot more expert . There are numerous tools to be had, unfastened and paid, with which you can make schematics, without the need to down load any extra software program. Those are some:

LucidChart. It may be integrated into Google force. The free option is quite restrained. The paid one includes a big list of templates to paintings on.
GitMind. It’s far loose and you could use it directly from the browser, although it additionally gives the down load opportunity. You may should sign in with a purpose to get entry to their templates that appear prepared via classes. It has a very intuitive menu and its use is very simple.
GoConqr. It is a unfastened and personalized on-line getting to know surroundings. In addition to planning your take a look at time, it has tools to create and proportion notes, thoughts maps, examine cards or diagrams.
Coggle. You may register through a Google account and create your profile a good way to work on this platform that also allows teamwork.
Draw.Io. It’s miles a loose device with which you may design any type of scheme, adding links or images. Its interface is very simple and is based on the drag and drop machine.
Canva. It is a photo design application and even though it changed into no longer designed for this type of function, it’s miles one of the most famous. It does no longer want registration, unless you want to keep the schemes in the software itself so that you can edit them later. It’s far unfastened however some of its templates and tools are paid.
Word: we inform you a way to use it
Making an define in word is plenty easier than you consider:

View menu, pick the outline option.
Upload the titles that you may use within the document.
The use of the extent buttons, you create the structure of the scheme, distributing the content material in the distinctive ranges.
Make diagrams in Powerpoint: find out how to take gain of it
PowerPoint is basically a device with which to create displays the usage of slides, however among its utilities is likewise the ability to create diagrams, starting from scratch or using a template.

Begin through commencing a clean undertaking to begin clean.
Inside the Insert menu of the principle window, pick out the Shapes choice and a drop-down menu will seem with all the default alternatives.
Eventually, the define can be saved as an photograph file that you may insert into another file or into a presentation.
Google docs
As a text editor with Google docs you may also create outlines, enhancing and uploading files. You may now not must download any external application or resort to some other software.

Check in with a Google account.
Open a brand new record
In the View menu, select the show file outline choice.
Understand that at some stage in the process of making an outline, you’re assimilating principles and getting to know without having to memorize. Once finished, the evaluate of its content is an awful lot more agile, with a view to undoubtedly help you to face your next checks.

Other than the schemes, there are different techniques and pointers that will help you inside the examine technique. We let you know a way to put together for an examination to skip it effectively, combining different techniques which includes overview and self-evaluation.

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